You may do this ritual at least once a week, or daily, to assist you in cultivating love and appreciation for your Self. It may take as little as 5 minutes, or as long as you would like to. The more attention you give to this process, the more effective it will be in anchoring greater self-love.

Basic Items:

  • – White Candle
  • – Photo of yourself
  • – White or Rose Quartz Crystal
  • – Fresh flowers
  • – White sheet of paper and red ink pen

1) Bless your items

You may carve out your name on the white candle itself.  If the candle is on a glass container, you may write your name on a piece of paper and tape this to the glass.

Hold each item between your hands and simply imagine a bright white light coming through your hands onto each item, and simply say: “Thank you, I appreciate you, and I bless you”.

2) Create a Sacred Space

Find a private open space close to your bed. On a flat surface, free of any clutter, place your white candle, a photo of yourself, the flowers, and your quartz crystal. You may arrange the items however you prefer.

3) Set an Intention

On the blank sheet of paper, write your name at the top, and write out a few phrases to set your intention.  This gives direction to the energy of the elements on your sacred space.  Your intention must always be in a positive tone, and it must express the desired outcome.  For example, instead of stating: “I want to stop being so critical with myself.”  You may want to write: “My intention is to be more accepting of myself.”  This is very important, because whatever you give your attention to is exactly what will magnify.

After writing out your intention, fold the paper and place it under the crystal.

4) Sacred Ritual

Sit comfortably in front of your beautifully established sacred space.  Take a moment to appreciate each of the elements as well as your powerful intention. Take a few moments and say at least 3 things that you appreciate about the person on the photo: YOU.

Gently and respectfully light the candle and ask the flame to elevate your desire into the realm of infinite possibilities. Then, read your intention out loud 3 times. 

Afterwards, observe the person in the photo, and say at least 3 things that you are grateful this person did or did not do throughout this day.

Speak to the photo and say the following in a soft and compassionate voice: 

“Thank you for all that you do, I appreciate you, and I love you.”

You may leave the candle on for a few minutes. It is recommended that you do this for at least 21 days to establish a vibration of love and appreciation for Self.

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