“There is nothing more meaningful and transformative than reconnecting with the feeling that we are already good, whole and valuable people. This is a daily practice that grows over time into a deeper intimacy, a connection within ourselves and with our children. ” Suzi lula

I came to my session with Suzi Lula feeling terribly guilty, and desperate about my situation at the time, and how impossible it seemed to me to avoid my bad mood with my little girls. He could no longer pretend to be okay, and ended up yelling at them for insignificant things. Actually, I wanted Suzi to tell me how she could fix my outside world situation. I was sure that with that I would feel better, and then she could be a calmer mother with my daughters.

Fortunately, Suzi didn’t do that. Rather, it took me to the center of my being and from there it taught me how to access the unlimited resources of my soul.

Suzi Lula’s invitation was first to consider that I am already Perfect, Whole, and totally INNOCENT. Her proposal was that somehow there is a part within me that is already Divine, Perfect, and of a superhuman Purity, and that is the part of me that never dies.

This seemed illogical and completely absurd to me, contrary to my belief that I was to blame for everything, and I had to fix everything. How could I be innocent? Or perfect? However, I remember my face drooping with shame at feeling like a failure as a mother, since to a large extent I felt trapped in the push and pull of punishing my little girls to educate them and, at the other extreme, remorse for the irrationality of my own. emotional outbursts. I became a sea of tears. Honestly, I couldn’t find the way out.

Until Suzi Lula made it clear to me that guilt and responsibility are two completely different things. On the one hand, guilt and condemnation are trials that leave us in a victim position, locking us in a vicious circle from which there is no way out, thus repeating patterns of behavior that lead us to the same black hole. Instead, responsibility gives us the opportunity to stop, become aware to discern the dynamics and thus regain our power to choose thoughts that liberate us and take more productive actions.

During that particular session I was in a process of inquiry and retrospection, which led me to be much calmer. But there have been several sessions of tears, tantrums, affirmative prayers and meditations, and little by little I am learning to transform the energy of my darkest emotions with the unconditional love that lives in the part of me that is and has always been INNOCENT. Thus I am learning that conscious responsibility is the only way to make a change in my behavior, allowing the stream of infinite abundance, which is already part of me, to flow freely. When I allowed myself this change, the situation in my outer world was transformed into something more favorable for me.

And how is it that infinite abundance is already part of my being? Leaving aside the outside world, let us consider that our natural resources such as creativity, love, and compassion are qualities that we already have since we are born. Even the functioning of our physical body is a miracle of universal creation. Let us consider that as mothers our bodies already have all the necessary resources to create the life of another being. And these resources, along with many others, are part of the part of us that is INNOCENT, PURE, and the center of our PERSONAL POWER.

Little by little my reactions to my girls softened, my impulse to yell at them to get their attention diminished. Learning to see my own original Innocence allowed me to see the innocence of these adorable little creatures, regardless of their behavior. I’m still human, and I have my moments. Of course I set limits, and I maintain parameters. The difference is that I do not judge, neither them, nor myself. Because the truth is that I AM INNOCENT. Thanks Suzi Lula!

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