Sometimes most of us can find ourselves seduced and taken over by the physical world.  It can be so seductive and tempting to “believe” that what we see in front of us is real.  When you come across a challenging situation, it may “seem” and “feel” that there is no way out.  We sometimes panic, I know that I have, and end up making decisions based on fear.

And if you do this, it is not your fault because this is the message that the outside world bombards us with.  It tells us we need to buy or get something in order be happy, or safe, or complete, or just ok. The underlying message is that somehow you are not enough.

However, you must know that there is a higher power that operates the universe and all of its mechanics that has nothing to do with economics, with social or political structures.  There is a higher power that operates based on the principles of Order, Abundance, and Wholeness.  This higher power is the very power that operates the galaxies and all of life.  Just take a look at mother nature and how generously and abundantly it gives itself through trees, plants, fruits and vegetables and provides our very nourishment.  Mother nature never asks us to “pay” anything.

In the same way, the higher power that has created you has encoded within you every resource that you need and require to grow and expand and deliver your gifts and talents to this earth.   Just consider for a moment, where does creativity come from?  Where does kindness come from?  Where does joy come from?  These are qualities embedded into each and every one of us since before we were born.  You cannot purchase or get a box of creativity.  You must express the creativity that you have.

Thus, based on this Divine Law, you are already equipped with every resource that is required for your growth and expansion.  Not by human or mortal agreements.  Human agreements can change, they come and they go.

Divine Law is that which cannot be altered by human opinion, and this is the Law that allows this planet to spin in its orbit. By this Divine Law you are a magnificent expression of abundance, love, wholeness and creativity, because you are made in the image and likeness of this power. 

Spiritual Practice is a wonderful way to begin to bring yourself back to Divine Law and invoke and declare Divine Law unto the things in your life that you would like to see improve.  Not with the purpose of changing the outside world.  Rather, it is to change your own perspective, and be willing to see things differently, to consider a new thought about any situation.  Changing your own perspective from a small limiting point of view, into a wider vision of infinite possibilities.  Through daily prayer and meditation, you can begin to at least consider that it is possible that it is possible for things to be different. I invite you to do this. Because truly, Divine Law never fails.  The world of effects, however, fails all the time.

Affirmation:  The same Divine Law that operates the cosmos is operating my life.  This Divine Law now dissipates and dissolves any thoughts of doubt, fear or worry within me, I am willing to change my mind and know that I am more than this.

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