No matter how dark or difficult a situation may be in your life, no matter how impossible it may seem, you must know that there is a light within you that is the power to transform anything and everything on the outside world.  The key is to learn to access it and allow that light to guide you.

So how to connect with your light?  Having an intellectual understanding of the mechanics of our emotions does help.  Thus, ultimately, it must be your own willingness to go on a deep inner journey into the world of your emotions and feelings.  I am not referring to the emotions such as happy, joyful, and excited. 

I am talking about the emotions we prefer to hide because of the shame and embarrassment they may bring to us, such as anger, fear, or hate. The following is a process that I myself still follow whenever I find myself disconnected from the light of my soul.

Step 1– Take a time out.

Stop. At least for a few minutes, put aside your desire to change or control whatever outside situation triggered the emotion.  You may come back to the situation on the outside world after you complete this process in your inner world.

Step 2 – Welcome your dark emotions with open arms.

You must recognize that these emotions are angels that come to support you on your personal growth and development, for they bring an opportunity to reconnect with this pure and divine light that is the essence of who you really are.  You must welcome them in a nonjudgmental way, neutral. Simply be in acceptance of whatever is happening in that moment.

Step 3 – Allow yourself to feel.

Emotions come in, and when they are processed, they come right out. Give yourself a few moments to feel angry, frustrated, sad, or scared.  Become aware of the sensations in your body without trying to avoid them or numb them. Take a few deep breaths, taking in all the lifeforce around you with every inhale, and releasing the emotion with every exhale.

Just being with your emotions in this compassionate and gentle way will allow the light of your soul to organically begin to shine, and inspiration and guidance will follow with clarity and love.

Affirmation:  The Light within me is greater than any situation or circumstance, I am more than this.

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