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Ama Barron

Your Power, Your Life

Your heart is the portal to access the Infinite Resources of your soul. You can create the life of your dreams with easy Spiritual Practices that connect you to the source of the power that beats your heart, the Divine Law of Life that expresses as you.

Activate your POWER now!


I am Ama, and I am a Mystic.

As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner my intention is to assist you to learn practical ways to set yourself FREE and connect with the Wisdom of your Soul to Activate your own Power and Transform yourself.

As Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith says, “Everything you could hope for, want or desire has already been given.”  My purpose is to facilitate daily practices of Meditation, Affirmative Prayer, and Sacred Rituals for you to adapt these to your own life with ease and grace. 

Ama’s Awakening with

The Motherhood Evolution

When I met Suzi I was a single mom, working 2 full time jobs and struggling through a difficult divorce.  The main reason I scheduled a session is because I thought I had tried everything, and I still could not find anything to help me calm the emotional storms I was trying to hide.   Unintentionally, I was taking it out on my children.  There was no mantra, crystal, or meditation powerful enough to help me break the dark spell I was under. 

My plan was to have just one session.  After all, I already had years of training in other healing modalities.  What could this woman possibly offer that I could not get from a book, or a You Tube video?   Nonetheless, I attended, and that one session changed my life forever.

After our first session, I not only felt immediate emotional relief, I also felt hopeful. I do not remember exactly how or what we discussed.  What I do remember is the flood of tears that came bursting through within minutes.  It is as if she gave me permission and created a safe space that allowed me to feel the anger, the sadness, and the despair I had been trying to hide thinking this is what being strong was supposed to be.  The heaviness on my chest began to soothe, and I felt I could begin to breath again. Even writing about this still brings me to tears. 

7 years later, I have not only continued to see Suzi for personal sessions, I took all of her online courses and I apply her techniques to every area of my life.  I am not going to tell you that things “suddenly” changed for me.  What I can tell you is how I began to change.  I began to change my mind about decisions I had unconsciously made about myself.  Suzi’s gentle approach to self-transformation cracked my heart wide open, allowing me to attain a new sense of who I am.  This work has been so meaningful for me, that I felt inspired to translate the book to Spanish.

Suzi Lula was not my only support through this process. I honor and love all of my spiritual teachers and mentors at the Agape International Spiritual Center.  Through it all, I was held by a community of powerful spiritual seekers that practice unconditional love. 

In her book, The Motherhood Evolution, Suzi summarizes and lovingly lays out step by step processes to support any parent in practicing self-compassion first, so that the interaction with their children comes from feeling fulfilled, and not only to carry out the tasks involved in caring for kids.  This is not denying the very real-life situations of having to work, pay rent, organize, clean, etc.  Through Suzi’s teachings, I began to realize that I am more than these circumstances, no matter how harsh they appeared. As it turns out, in embracing my deepest darkest emotions, I discovered just how powerful I truly am. Although I sometimes feel like it took me forever, I finally learned to take responsibility for my own emotional well-being. 

I woke up to the Truth that life has performed its greatest miracle in my becoming a mom.  By Cosmic Law, I am Divinely made, I am made in the image and likeness of all creation. My intention is to live by this.  Because when I change, the world changes. 

Suzi’s work initiated and welcomed me into THE MOTHERHOOD EVOLUTION






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About Ama

Ama is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and serves at the Agape International Spiritual Center. She is a mother of 2 teenagers and also collaborates with Spirit Awakening Foundation, an organization that serves at-risk youth in the juvenile justice system.

After receiving a B.S. in Business from San Diego State University, Ama travelled throughout South America where she studied Shamanism under various native healers for 5 years. She returned to the U.S. to study other healing modalities such as Breathwork and Meditation. Ama then joined the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Ama has been a spiritual seeker since her early childhood, a passion that has led her to explore many spiritual paths while travelling throughout the world.  Thus, her most significant spiritual training was from Reverend Suzi Lula. Through the Wisdom Teachings of the Soul Care coursework, Ama transformed her experience of being a single mom, into a Path of Personal Liberation and Empowerment.

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